Several years ago, two Brothers in O.T.O. met for coffee and breakfast on a weekly basis to discuss Thelema and life. On this particular day, as they entered the establishment where they met once a week, one Brother noticed something a bit different. They had been meeting like this for nearly six weeks but he hadn’t really noticed anything out of the ordinary in the past weeks. He didn’t anticipate that he would find this morning different from any other. He was wrong.

When they walked into the café, it was immediately apparent that two other groups of men—one with four men and another with approximately eight men—had gathered for the purpose of sharing, praying together, and, at least with the larger group, a small bible study discussion was happening. They sat near their usual place by the fire and talked together. As one Brother related some personal challenges of the past week to the other and listened to his wise counsel in return, he couldn’t help but overhear the smaller group of men that was seated next to them.

Neither of these groups of men were very different from the two O.T.O. Brothers. They talked about life, the universe, and their beliefs in a way that related them back to life and the universe. Some of the conversation was quite mundane. Some of it was expressive in its praise of god and how they felt their life had been blessed. Some of it was relating challenges of the past week. Some of it was just good stories between them.

Here were three tables of men of two very different religious persuasions having near identical conversations. If the two Brothers hadn’t been convinced before of the need for such local endeavors, they were after that morning. Their interest level in the Talk Thelema program went from “this is a neat idea” to a hardcore conviction.

heartflame_logo_2014In 2011, HeartFlame Ministries picked up the concept, fully developed it into a Method, and licensed the materials to a local O.T.O. body. After two years of practical field testing, Talk Thelema is now ready to take over the world.