Advantages of the Talk Thelema model

Here are a few reasons why the Talk Thelema model is effective as a means of building small groups.

Helps build new relationships by bringing individuals together for a common discussion centered around personal experiences.

Fosters real spiritual growth of the individuals through the application of the Law of Thelema in their own life and in the real world.

Provides confidence for people to interact deeply with the Law of Thelema themselves rather than under the direction a teacher.

Members of the group are valued directly and individually because they are free to share their questions and opinions, concerns and insights, struggles and real life challenges in relation to the material being studied.

There is a feedback loop for facilitators to see where individuals are in their personal growth in order to provide additional opportunities targeted to the needs of those specific participants.


Allows for a non-threatening accountability for personal growth.


Encourages group members to interact and learn from each other.

Assists people to see the relevance of the Law of Thelema in everyday life.


Discussions remain fresh and unique since individuals and groups encounter the Law of Thelema at different places in life and experience.

Opens up the environment for safe and honest communication, laughter, and growing relationships.

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