Talk Thelema is a program of local involvement in establishing the Law of Thelema in society by solidifying it in our lives.  It’s about supporting and encouraging our Brothers and Sisters, and building stronger communities at the local level. Talk Thelema is conversational Thelema where putting our feet on the ground, and focusing on a depth of spiritual growth through study and discussion, broadens the conversation of Thelema into everyday life. It is also a great outreach program to introduce the Law of Thelema to those who are seeking something more.

The informal setting of the coffeeshop, pub, or oyster dive stimulates individuals to be more open about how the Law of Thelema operates in the real world, in real lives, and provides opportunity for real development of new ideas and creativity. Talk Thelema encourages depth study of the Law of Thelema while promoting discussion on how the Law of Thelema can be applied to the world around us. Likewise, Talk Thelema exists not only as a frontline of individual and corporate spiritual development but a bulwark of intimate support for the Brethren in times of struggle and need.

Talk Thelema was created from the idea of two guys sitting down to have coffee once a week and chat about life, the universe, and Thelema. It’s a simple concept. Other religious communities have been doing Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfasts and Wednesday Morning Bible Studies for decades on a regular basis. From experience and observation, it has been these kinds of meetings that sustains these communities in a more intimate manner than the usual church service.

Ritual elements of community are definitely a glue that binds people together. The depth of a community, however, comes from those most committed to the spiritual tenants. Leaders in religious communities are not “discovered” or called out of those who merely occupy the chairs or show up once a month for Mass. They are called from those committed to pursuing those spiritual concepts beyond the walls of the Church.

The same applies to Thelemites.

Talk Thelema is about putting feet on the ground, promoting the Law of Thelema, and supporting the local Body of Nuit at a grassroots level. Talk Thelema is about depth of commitment, study, and application. It is about growing leaders in an organic and steadfast manner while opening doors to the uneducated, skeptic, and curious in our local communities. This is not a social club. Not that social endeavors should be stoic. We wouldn’t be promoting coffeeshops and pubs if it were. But fun, community, and gathering need not be a lost opportunity to share the Law of Thelema between the Brethren and out into the world around us.

And what better manner to share the Law of Thelema than over a cup of coffee and a pastry or a beer and some pretzels?


Talk Thelema is program of Thelemic promulgation that anyone can pick and work in their own area. The website is here as a clearinghouse to promote local endeavors that fell along the lines of “coffeehouse Thelema” or what some areas have picked up as a term, “Café Thelema”—what we call conversational Thelema. The website also has resources for coordinators as well as avenues and opportunities for mentorship and cross-pollination of ideas. From here, join the community, grab the resources to start your group, ask questions, and get started! We’re here to help in any way that we can.

We also encourage groups that already exist to come onboard and pick up the Talk Thelema branding for their own areas and content. It’s not a competition. It’s coffee .. or beer .. or wine .. or whatever else you wish to share with others.

No Registration. No Fees. No Hassle.

Get access to the Talk Thelema program, as well as our other resources, at no cost or registration.